Client Centered

The Baird Generational Wealth Group serves a variety of clients, but the typical client is a financially successful entrepreneur. Family comes first, but our clients are also very generous and charitably inclined. They feel a responsibility to the next generation.

Client Profile

While modest and unpretentious, our clients have worked hard and want to enjoy life. Typically, they own at least two homes with one on a lake, near the ocean, or out in the country. They are well-traveled, fly on private jets, and collect art, rare books, wine, or watches, own boats and high-end sports cars.

Their business has been their largest investment, but they have experience investing in the public markets, private ventures, and real estate. Often, our clients have done some planning before coming to us and usually have legal and tax advisors in place as well as relationships with banks, investment firms and insurance companies.

When it comes to wealth management, our clients want to manage risk and taxes. They want to be more organized with a coordinated approach across their balance sheet to improve results and streamline the administrative burden. They want to simplify.

Case Studies