Client Centered

As part of your client experience, the Baird Generational Wealth Group has the capability to provide you the client services that you need when you need them. We can keep you organized to help simplify your life.

Client Services

  • We gather and organize the financial paperwork, legal and tax documents for all of your assets, liabilities, trusts, foundations and other entities. We ensure that all data is kept current, backed up, and in a secure location.

  • We provide oversight of your entire personal balance sheet. We analyze your liquidity, assets, liabilities and risk exposures to develop a balanced asset allocation plan and investment policy to meet your cash flow needs, as well as both short and long-term objectives.

  • We monitor performance of your public and private investments across all bank and brokerage accounts, making sure your portfolio is best positioned to maximize its return potential. If needed, we will directly manage a low-cost, diversified and tax-efficient core financial portfolio to complement your other investments.

  • We will manage your investment risk through balanced asset allocation and investment policy. Working with your insurance agent and third party experts, we will evaluate your life, property, casualty, and umbrella insurance policies, making sure your coverage is adequate and appropriate relative to your other financial risks.

  • We work closely with your tax accountant to reduce the impact of taxes across your balance sheet through asset and entity structuring, active tax loss selling, debt matching or tracing and other tax-reduction strategies as appropriate.

  • We work closely with your legal advisors to optimize structures designed to reduce the impact of the estate tax and safeguard your legacy through asset protection and efficient wealth transfer strategies. A good estate plan that matches your desires and wishes evolves over time. We work to make sure your plan stays up to date with changes in your objectives and tax laws.

  • We help you think through and develop a mission-driven philanthropy. We work closely with your tax and legal advisors to structure your giving to maximize impact and tax efficiency with solutions such as a family foundation, donor-advised fund, charitable lead annuity trust, or identifying highly appreciated securities that may be ideally suited for charitable donation.

  • We can plan and participate in family meetings focused on education and the values that you would like to instill in the next generation. At your direction, we will work closely with your children to help them develop their own financial plan and understand how your estate and trust plan affects them.

  • We use our experience, expertise, and analytical capabilities to be a resource to you as you navigate financial issues and vet investment opportunities as they arise. When additional resources are needed to solve problems you face, we will bring third party experts to the table to provide relevant insight.