• Our typical client is a financially successful entrepreneur who has investment assets of at least $25 million. Family comes first, but our clients are also very generous and charitably inclined.

    While modest and unpretentious, our clients have worked hard and want to enjoy life. Typically, they own at least two homes with one on a lake, near the ocean, or out in the country. They are well-traveled, fly on private jets, collect art, rare books, wine, or watches, own boats and drive high-end sports cars.

    Their business has been their largest investment, but they have experience investing in the public markets, private ventures, and real estate. Often, our clients have done some planning before coming to us and usually have legal and tax advisors in place as well as relationships with banks, investment firms and insurance companies.

    When it comes to wealth management, our clients want to manage risk and taxes. They want to be more organized with a coordinated approach across their balance sheet to improve results and streamline the administrative burden. They want to simplify.

  • See our Client Services.

  • Because we have years of experience working with successful entrepreneurs like you, we understand that your needs are unique. We listen to you and are responsive to you while providing a variety of client services to help simplify your life.

    We work to preserve and protect your wealth by organizing your financial affairs, coordinating your professional and financial advisors, and providing comprehensive oversight. We make sure that your liquidity is invested wisely to meet your current cash flow needs and future growth expectations.

    We will work to protect your legacy by helping you think through your estate plan and your philanthropic objectives, and by being there as a knowledgeable and trusted resource, one that your family can count on when you are gone.

  • Our fee is competitive and transparent. It is based only on the assets for which we provide oversight and is drawn quarterly from an account you specify - although some clients choose to pay us directly. We do not charge any extra brokerage commissions or receive any insurance commissions.

    Since we do not need to sell a product or investment service to earn our fee, we are agnostic as to investment choices and custody location. We designed it this way to align our incentive with your objectives and allow us to provide you with completely independent and objective advice acting always with your best interests in mind.

    Please contact us for a fee estimate based on your unique circumstances.

  • Over the years, you have probably made a variety of investments, purchased insurance, taken out loans, done some planning and established various legal entities. More than likely, you know your personal balance sheet inside and out – no differently than the way you would know your business financials. We work to get all of that information out of your head and track down and collect all of the paperwork and documentation related to any asset or liability on your balance sheet.

    Once we have all of your information organized we can step back and evaluate where you are financially. Circumstances may have changed opening up strategies that may not have been available to you. Some strategies may no longer serve you. We will suggest the changes that might need to be made to get you where you want to go next.

    Going forward, all of your important documents are kept in a secure, backed-up location, so they can be easily accessed when needed. Having accurate and accessible data will make it easier to monitor and evaluate the performance of the financial strategies you put in place. And, should anything ever happen to you, your family will know exactly where to go to access the financial information and resources they will need.

  • There is no need to disrupt any existing relationship with your legal and tax professionals, banker, investment advisors or insurance agents. Instead, we work to pull all of your advisors together into a team, which can become your virtual family office. If there is a gap in the services that you need to get to where you want to go, we have an extensive network of third party experts that we can bring to the table.

    We will coordinate the team to make sure that all of your advisors are on the same page and that they have the information they need to provide their best advice. Our focus is to ensure that your team is responsive to your needs and that strategies to improve returns, reduce risk, cost and tax impact are moved forward and efficiently implemented in a timely manner.

  • Your roadmap depends entirely on where you want to go next. We start by listening to you. What is important to you? If you are married, what is important to your spouse?

    Are you concerned about minimizing estate taxes, or how much to leave to your children? Do you want to maximize your liquidity, build an investment portfolio or an art collection, or maybe buy another business? Can you afford a plane, a larger boat, or another home? Or, perhaps you just want to be more organized and in control of your bottom line.

    No matter where you want to go, your roadmap will highlight the actions that you will need to take, and the obstacles that you will need to avoid, to get there. Your roadmap will allow you to prioritize the wealth management services that you will need to achieve the results you are looking for.

  • For most people, the costs and management requirements of a fully staffed family office are impractical. Instead, we pull your professional advisors into a team. We will coordinate the team to make sure that all of your advisors are on the same page and that they have the information they need to provide their best advice.

    The team becomes your virtual family office, where you and your family can go to seek advice and direction before making any decision that may have financial, tax or legal consequences. You will meet with us regularly, and the entire team, as needed, in-person or via conference call.

  • Each of your financial decisions, whether it concerns your investments, your insurance, your estate plan, or anything else, affects the other decisions that you make. It’s critical to understand how they interact and make sure that your plans are moving in the right direction.

    With the Baird Generational Wealth Group coordinating all of your professional advisors, they can interact with each other in a more efficient and harmonious manner. We keep you apprised of the progress toward your goals and any issues that may require input from a third party with more specialized expertise.

    Most importantly, we make sure that action is taken to implement the strategies which are beneficial to you and your family. We stay on top of the details, so you don’t have to.

  • Our clients tell us that it's not our timely insights, investment and tax expertise, experiences, education or credentials that make us the right place for them. To our clients, having those things was a given or they wouldn’t have considered us in the first place. The Baird Generational Wealth Group is the right place for them because we listen, work to develop deep relationships, care about their success and most importantly, are extremely responsive.